Acne treatment

At Clinica Eguren we specialize in the treatment of acne, one of the most common cutaneous conditions, both in adolescents and in adults over 20-25 years of age, especially in women. In spite of the fact that in most cases it is not a serious condition, it does tend to greatly impact the self-esteem and psychological wellbeing of the sufferer.

There are different options to treat acne which are chosen according to the type of acne, its severity, certain characteristics of the patient and his or her preferences. As your dermatologists in Madrid, we present them to you and will suggest the definitive solution with a unique combination. Our aim is not only to control the acne but to additionally achieve healthy and appealing skin.

Topical treatments (gels and creams)

There are a wide variety of topical treatments available. Distinction must be made between cosmetics and creams containing medicine (medicinal creams).


They are the basis treatments for acne and the most used. In cases of mild acne with a topical treatment alone we can manage to control it and in its moderate or severe forms it will serve as a complement to other treatments.


In many cases the use of a topical treatment on its own, will not be sufficiently effective so as to control acne. Furthermore, the use of inadequate topical treatments can worsen it.

acne treatment egurenTratamiento Kleresca

Antibiotics and oral contraceptives

Certain antibiotics belonging to the group of tetracyclines are used to treat acne for periods of a month and a half to three months. They are administered not so much due to their antibacterial effect but for their anti-inflammatory effect. Oral contraceptives are another treatment option for acne in women.


Tetracyclines are effective in mild types of acne and moderate ones with inflammatory lesions (red spots). They are antibiotics that are very directed at the skin and that generally do not have the side effects that other broad spectrum antibiotics may.

Regarding contraceptives, we will use those containing antiandrogens. They will be especially suitable if apart from acne, the patient also presents other signs of androgenization such as alopecia, hirsutism (facial hair, línea alba – that is, in the abdominal region) and irregular menstruations.


Tetracyclines can produce certain side effects to be taken into account and that can be attempted to minimize (gastric discomfort, reactions following exposure to the sun). They cannot be administered to pregnant women, nor to children under the age of 8.

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They tend not to be sufficiently effective in moderate to severe acne and there is a worse response to them in adult acne. Once concluded the treatment, it is frequent for the spots to reappear.

New oral contraceptives are much safer and carry less side effects than the old ones but they are not risk-free. The most serious side effect, which is the formation of thrombi (blood clots), is greater during the first year of treatment and in women who are smokers and above the age of 35, women for whom taking them is not advised.

Isotretinoin (Roaccutane/RoacutanR)

Isotretinoin is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A. It is a treatment administered orally through the daily intake of tablets. It is used for moderate and serious acne.


It has shown to be the most effective oral anti-acne treatment. In spite of its side effects, dermatologists deem it to be a safe treatment, under adequate control measures.


Isotreinoin has acquired rather a bad name due to the side effects it can have. Its main adverse effect is the onset of dryness, particularly of the lips. This can be managed adequately hydrating the skin and lips and protecting one’s self from the sun to prevent burns. At the start of and throughout treatment, blood tests are carried out on the patient to keep an eye on the liver and cholesterol. During treatment it is not recommended to drink alcohol. The most serious side effect is that of fetal malformation if taken during pregnancy. That is why it is critically important that women on treatment with isotretinoin do not become pregnant during treatment nor during the first 2 months after completing treatment.

Unbeatable combination of Clínica Eguren for the treatment of acne: Kleresca + ZO Skin Health

This combination treatment for acne is a true revelation. Kleresca is the name of an innovative biophotonic therapy. It is an innovative light conversion technique that stimulates on a cellular level the repair mechanisms of the skin. Hence, whilst the acne is treated, collagen production is enhanced, which will make scarring improve. A total of 12 sessions are conducted (2 per week for 6 months) of 9 minutes each.

Furthermore, ZO Skin Health is a medical cosmetic line which is highly effective, sold only in specialized medical centres. Zo Skin Health is based on the exclusive use of active agents of proven scientific evidence, utilized in very high concentration and channelled through unique release formulas and systems.

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The combination of Kleresca + ZO Skin Health has been very effective in most patients we have treated, making it possible not only to control acne but also to improve scarring. The improvement remains months after completion of treatment and relapses have not been observed. It is a very safe treatment for which we have not observed any serious side effect. It does not require any routine testing before nor during treatment. Kleresca sessions are carried out in consultation 2 times a week for 6 weeks. Each session lasts 9 minutes and upon completion, the patient can get back to normal life. Patients who have tried it say that the sessions are pleasant, they notice a sensation of heat in the absence of any discomfort or pain.

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ZO Skin Health products, which are bought in the actual consultation office, the patient uses at home. With them we reinforce the effects of Kleresca, both in the treatment of acne as with the scarring and afterwards they are used as a form of maintenance.


The combination of Kleresca + ZO Skin Health of Clínica Eguren is a very safe, effective treatment with long-lasting results with which we can achieve our ultimate objective: healthy and appealing skin. Therefore, there are hardly any drawbacks and it has become an ideal treatment option for patients with acne.

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